Irix Cine Front Lens Cap for Irix 30mm

€ 15.00

New Irix lens caps were designed to fit most 95mm outer diameter cine lenses. They are customizable through stickers featuring different focal lengths that can be attached to the flat surface of the cap. This allows you to keep your lens case neat and organized. Thanks to that solution you will know exactly which lens you are reaching for after opening your case. Unlike the standard lens caps found in some Irix Cine lenses these let you place your lens mount up without worrying that it would topple over.

Irix Cine Front

€ 15.00
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  • High quality composite material
  • A flat-top function allows for leaving your lens standing on the cap, making it much more secure than standing them on a much more narrow bottom lens cap
  • designed to fit any 95mm diameter lens
  • A new lens cap is available in a couple of depths, allowing them to fit over wide lenses."

Set contains:

  • front cap 30mm
  • original packaging


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