Logo Irix Multifunction Scarf with cardboard

€ 19.90

For photographers working in the cold enviroment. A material that will protect your face and keep you warm. Signed with the Irix logo, it looks stylish.

Logo Irix

€ 19.90
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The Irix face scarf protects against wind and cold, face and neck with a soft knitwear. This material wicks moisture away and keeps you warm and dry.

The Irix face scarf is ​​a great choice. It does not tangle like a scarf, it always arranges in a unique way, and if necessary it can be used as a head cover. Made of flexible material, contoured cut and ergonomic cut guarantee a perfect fit and freedom of movement providing protection against wind and cold.

The face scarf will be perfect when taking photos outdoors on cooler days, as well as during sessions related to winter sports. It is lightweight and has comfortable flat seams, which significantly increases the comfort of its use.


  • The face scarf covers the mouth, nose, neck and ears
  • A welt and elastic material ensure a perfect fit
  • Dri-FIT technology wicks sweat away from the skin
  • Universal size

Set contains:

  • Irix face scarf
  • original packaging


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