Irix Edge UV & Protector SR filter 105mm

€ 105.00

This filter blocks UV light and protects the front lens element from dust and accidental water splashes.

Irix Edge UV &

€ 105.00
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UV&Protector SR guarantees perfect protection of your lens in all conditions. The filter can be used both for hiking and extreme sports photography - thanks to the filter, you gain the safety and peace of mind of the front lens element, letting you can concentrate on shooting.


Super Resistant (SR) is a series of Irix Edge filters that give you the confidence to protect your lens while shooting. SR filters are characterized by excellent resistance to mechanical damage such as impacts and increased scratch resistance. These features, combined with NANO coatings (dirt-repelling), give you the certainty of trouble-free use for many years to come.


An important feature of the Irix Edge UV & Protector SR filter is its ability to cut off ultraviolet light, which is invisible to the naked eye. This feature gives photos taken in the mountains more contrast, and reproduces colors even more faithfully.

Main Features:

  • Highest quality optical glass ensures exceptional image sharpness
  • 5-year filter coating warranty
  • Super Resistant (SR) - SR series filters are characterized by their high resistance to mechanical damage and increased resistance to internal stress (compression)
  • Double-sided, multi-layered anti-reflective coatings guarantee high image contrast, free from flares and reflections
  • NANO coating that repels dirt, making it easier to keep the filter clean
  • Lightweight and durable low-profile frame made of aircraft-grade aluminum.

Compatible with:

  • Irix Cine Lenses

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Filtry wkręcane

Filter type
Filter diameter


Filtry wkręcane

Filter type UV
Filter diameter 105mm


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