Irix filter Edge 100 IR ND1000 (3.0) 10EV 100x100mm

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Full Neutral Density Filter Irix Edge ND1000 (3.0) 100x100mm.

Irix filter

€ 135.00
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Quality that you can trust Only the highest quality optical glass is used during the production of Irix Edge filters; with 99.6% light transmission. Multilayer anti-reflective coatings have been applied on both sides of each filter, which helps produce images without flaring or bluring, with excellent contrast and sharpness at the same time.

Created for Photographers, by Photographers All Irix products are created by photographers with many years of experience. We know what conditions your equipment may be exposed to. Therefore, in order to ensure high comfort of use, we use NANO double-sided coatings with hydro- and oleophobic properties in Irix Edge filters. These coatings are responsible for maintaining the impeccable cleanliness of the glass surface - they repel water, and dirt and dust does not stick to the surface. No matter if they are exposed to rain, snow, dust, or mud - Irix Edge filters are always ready to go.

Free your creativityThe purpose of Irix 100 Edge Full ND filters is to reduce the light that reaches the camera's sensor. Irix Edge neutral gray filters will allow you to create some incredible effects that will make your photos even more stunning.

Milky Smooth Waters and Skies By reducing the amount of light recorded by your camera, you can extend the exposure time and thus get the effect of „blurred motion”. Water, clouds, cars and other moving objects will give you a dramatic blur effect that will diversify your portfolio.


Shallow depth of field – even on the sunniest days Thanks to grey Irix Edge filters, you can use fast lenses such as f/1.4, f/1.8 (and even faster ones), even on a sunny summer day. Depending on your camera, you may notice overexposed areas in the frame when shooting with a fast lens. This means that the camera was unable to compensate for too much light. Thanks to cutting off a certain amount of light, the Irix Edge grey filter will allow you to shoot with a wide aperture, which will allow you to shoot with a shallow depth of field.

Proper exposure for video Have you ever wondered how to achieve the so-called "film look"? One of the factors in creating this look is the right exposure time. It is universally accepted that the exposure time should be twice the number of frames per second (FPS) during video recording. So when filming at 24fps, the exposure time should be set to 1/48. Grey filters will allow you to record with the correct exposure time, and changing the aperture value will help you modify the depth of field. Get cinematic movie shots with Irix Edge grey filters.

Ready for any excursion Each Irix Edge filter is packed in a rigid case enabling its safe transport and storage.

Compatible with:

  • Irix IFH-100 and other 100mm systems.

Data sheet content

System Irix - Filtry kwadratowe

Filter type
Light Reduction ND
Filter density
Filter size
100 x 100mm


System Irix - Filtry kwadratowe

Filter type Light Reduction ND
Filter density ND1000
Filter size 100 x 100mm


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