Irix Key Ring with Arca Swiss Tripod Plate

€ 19.00

Irix Key Ring with Arca Swiss Tripod Plate.

Irix Key Ring

€ 19.00
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Every photographer who uses a tripod in his work has encountered a situation where the plate fixing the camera to the head has been lost somewhere. This small element could often ruin an intricately planned and detailed photo session or an outdoor event. The keychain prepared by the Irix brand will help minimize such risk. Used every day as an ordinary key ring in a "crisis" situation, it can save an important session. The keychain consists of a high-quality ribbon finished with a key ring on one side. Its other side is attached to a specially designed, flat tripod plate in the Arca Swiss standard. If necessary, the plate can be unscrewed with an Allen key. Of course, it can be also used without disassembling.

Main features:

  • Very high-quality workmanship in CNC technology
  • Specially designed flat shape
  • Arca Swiss standard
  • Dimensions: 5x3,8 cm

The set includes:

  • Irix Key Ring with Arca Swiss Tripod Plate
  • original packaging


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