Irix Edge Vari ND 2-5 filter 77mm

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Irix Edge VariND 2-5 is one of the thinnest filters of its kind on the market. Thanks to special design we were able to squeeze all the important elements in a small and lightweight casing. Irix Edge Vari ND is half the size of most filters on the market. Thinner frame prevents any issues of vignetting even on the wider lenses or when stacking additional filters.

Irix Edge Vari

€ 145.00
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What is VariND?Variable ND filter is constructed using two polarizing filters. When rotating, they cut off more light. Using this allows it to stay more lightweight. Instead of carrying multiple ND filters, you can use just one, and adjust it depending on the situation you will approach.


VariND in film productionThe basic rule to achieve what is called a “cinematic look” is the usage of doubled shutter speed in relation to frames per second. If we are shooting with 30 fps, to achieve perfect motion blur and smooth movement, without any filter, the only option is closing the iris, thus sacrificing bokeh. Using an ND filter allows us to cut some of the light reaching the sensor, keep the right shutter speed, and desired iris. Variable ND allows changing the density. That eliminates the need to carry multiple filters with you.

2-5 stopsA lot of filters on the market allow for almost full closure of the variable ND. With infinite rotation, they go almost to black. In theory, it is a benefit but in practice, it ends up being very problematic. Firstly due to the construction of variable ND filters, the more it closes, there are more artifacts added to the image, loss of sharpness and color too. Not knowing how many stops we are closing down, we might also have issues in matching exposure between different lenses. For example, we have a fast lens and a slower one. With the difference of one-stop. We decided to use the faster lens on the open aperture to produce that amazing bokeh. Thanks to marked stops on the filter, we can keep the lens wide open, change the density on the filter by one stop and finally achieve the same exposure.


Light control at your fingertipsWhen the light situation changes, usually it is required to quickly change the ND filter. That takes some time. Getting one out of the bag, then the case, etc. During this process, it is easy to lose that perfect shot. With Vari ND, you don’t have to do that. Just a quick turn, changes its density, allowing for control of the light.


The neutral colorNDs filter job is to adjust exposure without changing any other characteristics of the image. Preserving contrast and color. The Irix team made sure to keep the new filter as neutral as possible. Thanks to our engineers the Irix VariND filter has an amazing color rendition and doesn’t introduce any artifacts across it’s density range. You can shoot on either 2 stops or 5 stops, and your image won’t change at all.

Super Resistant to survive any conditionsThanks to a special choice of tough glass, the filter is designed to survive any conditions you will throw at it, and at the same time protect your precious lens. The Irix Edge SR series is designed to repel oil and it is immune to scratches or dust. The filter is built from two CPL filters, each with 12 different multi-coatings, giving a total of 24 layers of coating.

Product key features:

  • Top optical quality – the Irix Edge filters have been developed based on the highest quality optical glass which guarantees the high light transmission
  • Ultra thin, only 6.2mm with no slip finish, making it one of the most compact variable ND filters on the market
  • The filter frame is made of lightweight and durable aluminium. Its surface has been covered with a black coating
  • 24 Multi Coating layers, reduced reflection, oil-resistant and waterproof

European Brand The Irix Edge brand has its roots in Europe - this is where they are designed, tested and improved by our research team, using the latest measurement equipment and strict quality control rigours. All the effort put into the product development makes us sure that you can trust them in any, even the most demanding conditions.


Set contains:

  • Irix Edge Vari ND 2-5 filter
  • original packaging

Data sheet content

Filtry wkręcane

Filter type
Vari ND
Filter diameter
Filter density


Filtry wkręcane

Filter type Vari ND
Filter diameter 77mm
Filter density ND4-ND32


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