Irix filter Edge Hard GND8 (0.9) 3EV nano IR 100x150mm

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Hard Graduated Neutral Density Filter Irix Edge Hard GND8 (0.9) 100x150mm.

Irix filter

€ 155.00
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Irix Edge 100mm Hard Gradual Filter The Irix Edge Hard Gradual Filter this type of filter works well for scenes where the horizon is flat and regular such as the sea or some wide-open plain.

The Irix Edge Hard Graduated ND8 filter provides an optical density of 0.9 with a 3 stop reduction of light when hitting the sensor of the camera. It is irreplaceable every time when photographing at a scenery with a hard line of the horizon such as sea or savanna allowing to achieve spectacular effects without the need of using the HDR effect.

Light from behind an irregular horizonThe Irix Edge 100mm Gradual Filter reduces the amount of light in a specific area of the picture, thus allowing us to achieve proper exposure within the entire frame of the picture.


Why to use the filter?When we want to get that fantastic shot of another stunning landscape and we find out that our camera can’t register the whole range of photographed scene – there are blown out highlights or underexposed shadows. This type of filter is especially useful when we want to photograph a scene with an irregular horizon line, such as in the mountains, the city, the forest. The Irix Edge 100mm Soft Gradual Filter is a type of tinted filter which has a long transition between full transparency and maximum density (about one third of the filter’s height), so it’s especially useful in an area with an irregular horizon line – that is, when the sky (naturally the brightest part of the image) should be covered by the more tinted part of the filter, the irregular horizon line by the gradual, and the dark part of the image with the transparent part of the filter.

Functional Filter CaseEach and every Irix Edge 100mm Filter comes with a functional Filter Case made from rigid foam mounted on silicone frame, and fitted with a magnetic lock, so you can be sure that your filter is secure during transport or storage.


The Irix Edge Filters are designed with highest precision and optical quality allowing you to achieve the best images which are generated by Irix lenses. Both surfaces of the glass filter are covered by the multilayer anti-reflective and water/oil-proof coating providing highlight transmission and natural colours in any weather conditions.

Compatible with:

  • Irix IFH-100 and other 100mm systems.

Data sheet content

System Irix - Filtry kwadratowe

Filter type
Filter density
Filter size
100 x 150mm


System Irix - Filtry kwadratowe

Filter type Gradual
Filter density ND8
Filter size 100 x 150mm


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